Catching Big Smallmouth Bass in Green Bay WI

catching big smallmouth bass

For serious anglers catching smallmouth bass, it’s go big or go home. Read this article from your fishing guide in Green Bay WI for more information.

Fishing for Smallmouth Bass in Green Bay WI

If you’re trying to land some real bruisers sit down and take notes. These are the best 5 tips for catching large smallmouth bass.

Tip #1: Watch For A Current

Larger smallmouth bass are always looking for a quick bite. This is why they tend to lurk in areas where moving water can direct smaller fish toward their vicinity. If you can find a bottleneck where you’re fishing, chances are you’ll find big bass waiting to strike.

Tip #2: Large Lures

Everyone’s heard the saying, “Giant Baits, Giant Bass.” That’s because it works. While you can catch smallmouth bass on just about any-sized bait, you’re going to want to entice the big boys with some large lures. It’s pretty simple, big fish need more food. So if you can put few large lures that look like easy targets, you’ll increase your luck.

Tip #3: Look For Underrated Areas

Just about every hotspot gets drilled during prime bass-catching season. Try to find some smallmouth bass that have not seen a lot of action and lures by shying away from the heavily visited area. Large smallmouth bass do not like getting caught, so search for them in places where they’re still hitting fearlessly.

Tip #4: Bring Your Jacket

Don’t pack it up once the wind gusts start blowing. Smallmouth bass love eating bugs that get pushed across the water. A good storm will trigger a feeding frenzy throughout the whole ecosystem. If you can hunker down and brave the elements, you’ll get rewarded with a real looker.

Tip #5: Rise & Shine

I don’t know anyone who has ever caught a large smallmouth bass in bed. The real smallmouth bass heavyweights come out at dawn to feed in brazen fashion when it is not so bright outside. Most fishermen I know have caught their biggest smallmouth bass just after daybreak. So if there’s any time to get ready for your next photoshoot, it’s early in the morning. Contact our fishing guides at Stephan Sportfishing in Green Bay WI for more information.


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