What We Fish in Green Bay WI

Fishing Guide Green Bay WI Walleye On A Hook

Our team at Stephan Sportfishing in Green Bay WI is ready to get you out on the water! Our fishing guides have extensive knowledge of the surrounding area waters in order to give you the charter fishing experience you've been waiting for. Contact us today to book your next trip!

What We Fish in Green Bay WI

  • Smallmouth bass - May through September
  • Walleye - Day and night trips available in April and May
  • Daytime - May through October
  • Musky - August through October

Where We Fish

Green Bay, Sturgeon Bay, and the Fox River are recognized as some of the best fisheries in the world For trophy walleye , musky, bass. Some experts say it might be the best in the world. Walleyes over 30 inches, Muskies over 51, and 5 lb smallies are not uncommon! With over 120 miles of water and abundant forge your options are limitless.

Starting in the spring Anglers prefer to jig Walleyes on the Fox River and Tributaries feeding into the Bay. The most common methods fisherman will utilize our casting rippin raps, Plastic (moxies), blade baits, and precision trolling crank baits. Green Bay offers a great opportunity to cast for Trophy Eyes , especially in the Spring.

Following the Spawn, many walleyes move out to deeper water and relate to a variety of structure, especially rocks. Trolling Flicker shads or Flicker minnows is a tried and true delivery for numbers and big fish in Green Bay! As the water begins to warm, walleyes will tend to move deeper. This is a great opportunity to pull out your worm harnesses and target 25 to 35 feet of water. This can-year-old big trophy fish and numbers.

Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth bass locations are mainly in Door County. Anglers will focus on shore line breaks, Points, and rock structure. Most anglers use blade baits, live suckers, tubes, cranks, Swim baits,wacky worms, and hair jigs. Door county is a top destination for trophy bass. In fact, bass master magazine rack sturgeon bay in the top five of trophy bass destinations in the world.

Trophy musky also lurk these bodies. Muskies over 50 inches are very common and up to 55 inches. Green Bay is considered one of the top musky fisheries in the world! Manny anglers use bucktails and bulldwags to entice these Giants. It is also very common to troll super shades and blades.


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